if you don't have an idea for the dedication to put on the frame/set, below we bring you a few of our suggestions

Ideas for dedications


Lots of happiness in marriage and imagination in the dark.

Love does not mean looking at each other but looking together in the same direction.

You have to give a little, take a little, choose a little. that's all the story and that's all the greatness of love.

Defend yourself with hugs, feed yourself with kisses, console yourself with tears, follow each other with your eyes, LOVE EACH OTHER FOREVER...

We wish you a life filled with love and happiness.

Your wedding day will come and go, but may your love grow forever.

You will forever remember this day, as we do the moments when this wonderful happiness began. Best wishes forever

May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy.

We wish you the best on your journey to build your lives together.

Let today be the first day of the rest of your life, filled with love and togetherness.

We want your marriage to be as strong as your faith!

And now: faith, hope and love remain - those three - but the greatest among them is love." – 1 Corinthians 13, 13.


Each of us marked some part of your life, but you also left an indelible mark on ours. Let this be a memory of all our moments together. Your girls love you.

Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them, but you know they're there...

He liked it so he put a ring on it.

In life, you should taste: love, happiness and true friendship. We are the happiest because you found it in one person. But you should also know that we will always be there to reduce your sadness and increase your words. Your girls love you.

There is no word for friends, there are only memories. What matters is not those who have passed, but those who are now and who remain.

Little (name) was a lady until yesterday, and now she will become a wife and mother in no time. You give us joy, you share fairy tales with us, we can't wait for your adventures as a sweet mother. With (name), with song, kisses and laughter, we wish you a marriage full of happiness and health.

You will say YES! And now what? Do not panic! Step by step, love will show the way to true happiness. We will always be your support when the hard days come. We wish you the greatest happiness in life.

What happens on the bachelorette party stays on the bachelorette party.

One last thing before the ring.


Godparents are a family that we choose ourselves, we chose with our heart and that's why we chose you.

Godmother - a person who loves you just the way you are, understands what you've been through and still allows you to grow.

Godparenthood is a bond for life, that's why we chose you with our hearts.

Mom and Dad have something in mind, to choose the best godfather and godmother for me. It didn't take long for them to come up with the right choice for me! That's why they are asking you now, it would be an honor to be my best man.

Thank you for agreeing to be our godparents and for sharing such an important day with us!

I don't need a godmother who agrees with me in everything. I need someone who will tell me when I make a mistake. Someone who always gives the right advice, who is only by my side when celebrating. Someone who is not like everyone else, someone just like you.

Thank you for being a part of our joy, happiness and laughter. Because it's not important to have a bunch of people around you, it's important to have the right ones.

Thank you for agreeing to be my godmother and standing by me always and forever!

The best and most beautiful gifts cannot be seen or even touched, they can be felt with the heart. Will you be my best man?


Joy in the heart, joy in the soul, a smile in the eye - these are the best wishes. May you have your dearest people by your side and may this birthday be wonderful! Happy Birthday.

I wish you 12 months of peace, 53 weeks of joy, 365 days without illness, 8,760 hours of fun, 525,600 minutes of madness and 31,536,000 seconds of love! Happy Birthday!

May life bring you only beautiful things, may your soul remain forever young, may everything you desire become yours, and may you only shed tears of happiness. Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are not meant to count years, but to count the memories we create on that day. Happy Birthday!

Keep loving life and never stop dreaming dreams of happiness. May only happiness and beauty surround you, today and forever. Happy Birthday!

May this beautiful day bring you happiness and new opportunities in life. I wish you the happiest birthday ever!

May your heart be filled with joy, and your life with happiness and health. Happy Birthday!

Child birth

From today you are no longer alone, nothing is the same as before, from today a small star warms you with love.

There is no greater joy than the birth of a baby. Congratulations!

We congratulate you on this most beautiful event in your life. Know that today you have received the greatest treasure that a person could wish for. Happy birth of a daughter (son!

We are very happy that your family has been enriched by another member. We wish you lots of fun and enjoyment of the new family member.

Today you got the sun that will never stop shining in your home! Congratulations on the new additions to the family!


From today you are a child of God. Always stay close to him and may God accompany and bless you on your way of growing up.
Congratulations on your baptism.

May the grace of God, which this little angel received with the sacrament of baptism, accompany him throughout his life. We heartily congratulate you on the baptism of your child!

My dear godson, I feel blessed that your parents chose me to attend this holy act with them. My beloved child, I promise to help you maintain your faith as you grow up and to always follow Christ in your life.

May the Lord command all his angels to guide and protect you on all your life paths.

On this special day, as always in life, may God accompany, encourage and protect you.

We baptized you dear child because you are our little treasure. God protect this child and may he have a happy life under this sky.

Walk through the expanses of life on a peaceful path, because God is the light on your path from now on.


Congratulations on receiving your first communion. May our dear Lord Jesus protect you all your life.

Today, the Holy Spirit transferred his great gift of wisdom to you, be grateful, accept the gift and live long in it.

Little angels watch over you every day.

God gave you what your heart desires, fulfill all your thoughts!