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Personalized doormat "Alohomora"

Personalized doormat "Alohomora"

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This hand-painted doormat will be an ideal gift for any Harry Potter fan. The spell from the popular series of the same name; Alohomora /əlo'ho'moɹə/: Opens locked padlocks and doors, as well as doors enchanted with a locking charm (Colloportus).

A personalized doormat is a great gift for a loved one , and you can also give it to yourself, beautifying your entrance and putting a smile on the face of your neighbors and guests.

Each of our personalized doormats is hand-painted with colors resistant to external influences and as such is a unique gift.
The best way to maintain the mat is to vacuum it once a week. We recommend using it indoors.
A personalized doormat is an ideal gift for housewarming, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

The dimensions of the mat are 40 x 60 cm. This personalized doormat is made of coconut fiber and latex.

The thickness of the mat is 16 mm.

Price in kuna: HRK 188.36
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