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Frame "mom-collage" Combo

Frame "mom-collage" Combo

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A wonderful gift for mother. It is possible to upload up to 30 photos that we will turn for you into a collage of images that forms the name "mom". You usually give this combo as a gift for Mother's Day or a birthday.

The frame can be ordered separately in two dimensions or complete with a cup and/or chocolate. When ordering a set, the photos that go under the caption "mom" are the same for all 3 products, and you can change the caption below. For example if you order a frame, a cup and chocolate, you can write "You are the part that connects us and keeps us together" on the frame, "Pero and Ivana love you" on the cup, and "Happy Mother's Day" on the chocolate.

Frame: 30x40 or 21x30 cm (depending on selection). The frame is "thick" , 3-4 cm thick from the wall. The 21x30 cm frame can stand on its own on a shelf or on the wall.

Cup: ceramic cup 330 ml, dishwasher safe

Chocolate: 100g


It is not possible to choose the order of the photos. When creating a collage, the photos are "cut" and rotated according to our optimal assessment of how they will look best in the end.

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