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Gift set "Jägermeister"

Gift set "Jägermeister"

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Before ordering, please look at the picture showing the positions of certain inscriptions. The appearance of the print on the chocolates is the same as the appearance of the label on the bottle. If you order a set with cups, do not enter the labels for Coca-Cola. Instead of a number, we can put a heart or leave the original year if you don't want to write a number.

A gift package with a globally popular drink made from 56 herbs will delight any person. When ordering, you can choose the option with Coca-Cola or original shooter watches.

Contents of the set:

- 1 x Jägermeister original 0.7l

- 2 x Coca-cola OR 2 x shooter glasses

- 2 x personalized chocolates

Price in kuna: HRK 278.73
1 EUR = 7.53450 HRK

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